[Matroska-users] Re: [matroska-general] split 1 *.mkv in 2 650MB CD size

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Tue Jul 22 13:07:35 CEST 2003

TF wrote:

>BUT: when I try to split this final *MKV into 2 files with A/V direct stream
>copy enabled it takes ~49.000hrs with ~ 0.7fps on my system. The frame-
>rate starts round 266fps then it drops down to 140fps, then to 90fps then 
>to 40fps and so on.
Thomas, what version of  VirtualdubMod are you using ( build nr. in the 
top line ) ? This sounds like a known bug in the original 
release, where we had a huge memory leak. Goto to the VirtualdubMod 
download site on http://sf.net/projects/virtualdubmod and goto the very 
bottom of the page, where you will find the latest 'bugfix release'. 
Replace the virtualdubmod.exe in your installation folder with 
the newer version in this zip file, and all your problems should be gone.

NB : we have new mailing lists, this request should normally have been 
going to matroska-users at lists.matroska.org ... we will update the 
webpage asap, we have to get CVS working first.



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