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Pamel paul at msn.com
Sat Dec 6 08:39:18 CET 2003


To use the Matroska Stream Editor to append tracks:

1. Open the editor.
2. Click on Add, and then "Add input file" and choose the first file.  You should see the audio and video tracks listed.  Video is green and audio is blue.
3. Click on Add, and then "Add input file" and choose the second file.
4. Click on Tools and then "Append/Move" tracks.
5. Drag the second video track onto the first one and the second audio track onto the first one.
6. Click Ok.  You should now only see the two tracks with a line where they were joined.
7. Click File and then "Mux Project".
8. Type the name that you want and click the Save button.
9. Click the Start button.

The resulting file should be fine, however you may want to remux the file with mkvmerge to make sure that it is optimal.


  "Neil D." <skivy at ntlworld.com> wrote in message news:004701c3bb88$b8850ea0$a2626c51 at Tually...
  Hello Chris,

  Its Neil.

  After readig your advice I have yet to gain success is splitting a mkv and rejoining it like you might an avi in Vdubmod.

  I see the editing guide at mastroska.org isnt available yet.

  I can split the file in mkvmerge but i think the audio was very slightly out.

  I can split in avi-mux but the individual files dont play.

  Vdubmod is a no go.

  Couldnt figure pamel's stream editor out.

  I think its gonna me quite important that people can easily edit mkv in the same way we can avi's for internet distribution.

  I wish i knew how to do this properly.

  Hey i found that RV9 is an excellent codec and I can encode a anamorphic @ 1:1 then stick my rmvb in the mkv container and then specify a different AR.

  And in mpc the auto reszie doesnt require ffdshow. I think the realone codec copes with resizing AR.

  But without nice splitting and rejoining i wont be able to distribute my 1400mb files to my friends on 2 CD's :o(

  Thanks for reading and for all the help you have given me.

  Matroska is still my container of choice :o)



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