[Matroska-general] Extension to Matroska for use in a real life bike trainer film

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> Things to consider:
> - GPS data for a video would just be another track in the media that is
> synced with the video
> - GPS data for the complete video should be easy to extract since it's
> very common to show a preview profile of the elevation of the entire video
> to help the user choose a video. Other metadata like complete distance is
> also either extracted or calculated before playing the video
> - Other data might be captured as well from sensors like a gyroscope,
> accelerometer etc.
> - The Matroska file should be playable as is by existing video players
> (even though it contains extra data like GPS). This makes it easy to use
> the same files for previewing the video without needing a special app. This
> might be especially beneficial when having a collection of videos on a
> website to preview before downloading.
> Brendan Ball
In the more general case, a track that includes GPS position and time of
the camera and azimuth/elevation would be useful. The information could be
used to combine different camera views of an event in a static or moving
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