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Tue Sep 6 20:13:33 CEST 2016

26.08.2016, 10:57 Attina,Francesco,LAUSANNE,Scientific IT:
> Hello,


I am not involved in development (or anything else) of Haali's Media

> I have a question concerning Haali Media Splitter.
> Could you tell me if this software is a freeware free to use or it is a software relate to another software?

While I don't know under which license it is distributed, but I know
that it can be freely downloaded from its website. [0] There you have
the installer, which contains it. Apart from that, there seems to be no
dependency on other software.

As far as I know the software is not actively developed any longer.
There are alternatives like the LAV Splitter [1].

> Thank you,

I hope I could be at least somewhat helpful.

Best Regards,

> Attina Francesco | Scientific IT Intranet<http://thenest-eur-hq.nestle.com/RD/RD_RLOC/NRCLausanne/Management/Pages/Business_Development_Project_Management%20-%20scorbaz/Scientific%20IT/Intranet%202/Home_NRC_IT.aspx>| End User IT Support
> Nestlé Research Center | LS-11 | 021 785 8266
p.s. Interesting that a foodstuffs research center looks into Haali's
Media Splitter (or Matroska in general).

[0] https://haali.su/mkv/
[1] https://1f0.de/lav-splitter/

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