[Matroska-general] MKV properties

Kristopher Gilbert ogre at chaocracy.net
Sat Mar 31 15:57:36 CEST 2012

Someone needs to write an Explorer extension to parse the MKV meta tags. There’s a really old one out there somewhere but it doesn’t work with the current generation of the spec.

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Subject: [Matroska-general] MKV properties

Hi I am trying to organize my Mkv video collection by using tags to do it more searchable. I would like to add tags like genre, theme, producer etc. This is easily done with an MP4 where all I have to do is go into the properties panel and change it there, but with MKV there isn't any options to do this. I have tried to manually merge an xml tag file into the mkv, but when I do this the only program that can read the tags is MKVinfo. The purpose of these tags are that I easily could search in explorer by typing stuff like Comment:action etc. Is there a way to either make the tags show up in explorer when merging it manually or an easier way to insert tags to a mkv file? If there isn't than I hope you would take it into consideration to implement this feature to the mkv standard. 

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