[Matroska-general] Serious problem in Muxing/demuxing: Video Stream differs everytime!

Dutta Sanjiv san011070 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 10 19:47:33 CET 2012

Dear All,

I am facing a serious issue with MKV-Merge GUI & MKV-Extract GUI: a video stream (but not audio stream!) gets altered everytime I demux & re-mux it!

Here is what I did: The video (for my case it was an AVC/.h264 stream @ 25 fps) & audio streams were demuxed from an MKV movie (lets name is MKV1)  which was then muxed to make another movie (name it MKV2).

Now, if you demux the video stream from MKV2, and compare it with the video stream from MKV1, you will find that the CRC or file content (even size!) never matches!

You can produce a MKV3 from the demuxed streams from MKV2, again demux streams from MKV and compre the video streams. Again no matching!

To make sure the muxing/demuxing process were identical, no parameters of MKV-Merge GUI & MKV-Extract GUI were touched in the process such as FPS, stream name, aspect ration, langauge etc.

Kindly put some lights on it. Is it intended or a basic flaw? Will that effect the video playback? Last year, I removed one extra audio stream from an MKV movie, and during playback there was garbled display from time to time!

Yours truly,

Sanjiv Dutta
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