[Matroska-general] Sign of Life from ChristianHJW

Christian Wiesner cwiesner at matroska.org
Fri Dec 7 17:22:16 CET 2012

Hi Friends of Matroska,

this is a short sign of life from my side, sorry i can't read here more
often. For those who don't know me, please may i ask you to just disrespect
this email.

The plasma company we started together is expanding nicely, mainly into
China, and i am spending a lot of time there.

In addition to that we are now about to start a new venture, concentrating
on decentralised energy storage : http://www.rotokinetik.com . And no, it's
NOT easy to find investors for new energy storage technologies, even if you
might think it should be, the market for energy storage is still quite
immature, and you only find investors for markets, never for ideas.

Looking forward to hearing from you, please drop me an email if you like to.

Best Regards


P.S. My kids are quite proud that our new LG set can read matroska files,
and that her dad had helped this 'program' (child thinking ;-)) to get
started, somewhen in the past ...
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