[Matroska-general] mkclean 0.3.0 is out

Steve Lhomme slhomme at matroska.org
Wed Jun 9 14:22:37 CEST 2010


After weeks of various development a new reworked version of
mkclean<http://www.matroska.org/downloads/mkclean.html> is
out. The main change with the 0.2.x version is the reworked remuxer that now
put the audio before the matching video Blocks (a requirement for WebM). It
can also split laced Blocks so they fit in their corresponding Cluster.

For those who don't understand all these words, it's just better for
seeking. You will need to use the "--remux" command-line option.

PS: it now builds fine in XCode (OS X) as well.
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