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Dear Experts,

             I have lot of interest about matroska.i down load the 300mb .mkv movie from blog site.i can play it with km player in my computer.The best container till date.but i cant able to play .mkv  movies in my standalone dvd player.if i want to get the same quality like matroska  what shoul i do?my dvd player can play divx and xvid and mpeg 4 versions but after convert the matroska file i am not getting the same quality.how can i get the best quality.divx and xvid are not good.please help iam waiting to see amovie in my dvd player.

and one more thing what is h264 and anamorph.please guide.iwant to get the best quality in my home dvd player. i am fed up.i am die hard fan of matroska.(.mkv)



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