[Matroska-general] BsPlayer and MP4 support from 1.6.400.11

Sherkan estecorreopara-googlegroups at yahoo.es
Mon Nov 30 16:12:59 CET 2009

First of all, I'm not going to request a fix or any other thing, just
get some information on why this happens, beyond the player version I
use (BsPlayer 0.86), that I don't need to explain why I use it, it's
just my decision and I live with that ;) 

Going to the topic, time ago, I was disappointed about the lost of
functionality/ability by BsPlayer to open MP4 files. I didn't give much
attention to it as I did blame on an updated codec (that had integrated
the Haali splitter). 

Well I assumed that updates, sometimes, have these collateral damages
even if I ended unhappy with this. 

Recently, in other system, I have seen how, with the updated codec,
BsPlayer was able to open MP4 files and I started a path of testing. 

After test with different versions I have discovered that the lost of
functionality began with the 28/12/2006 version, aka 1.6.400.11. The
1.6.338.23 was/is the latest version compatible with BsPlayer 0.86. 

Quoted from webpage the functionalities/fixes added from this version:
> [DXR] Moving window to the secondary monitor is properly handled now.
> Added an option to show frame timestamps (d3dx v29 is needed for
> that). Fixed video frame size returns (Zoom player problems
> eliminated). Improved video shrinking. Startup delays on UP systems
> eliminated. Added an option to limit max number of frames buffered.
> Fixed seeking problems with WM files. Fixed an unwanted phase shift
> in YUV to RGB conversion. [dsmux] Allows setting some track
> parameters now (AR, title, etc). [Matroska] Muxer improvements. [MP4]
> Better support for 3gp subtitles. [General] Added a shell property
> page (right click on attachments to extract them). Disabled an
> annoying error message when it shouldn't have been shown. Shell
> integration dll is now unicode only. 

At this point, as I said at the beginning of this text, I don't request
a fix or anything else, but I would like to know, or, better, to
understand, what could be the cause of the lost of functionality,
because, as I have tested, no one of the options of this version of
BsPlayer can fix (or I didn't tune correctly), so it's not internal by
BsPlayer, beyond the un-updated version. 

What was "broken" in the 1.6.400.11 version to make stop working with
players such as BsPlayer 0.86? What can't handle that version of
BsPlayer with these versions of the splitter? 

Thanks for your time and for the reply you give :)

A curious user :)

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