[Matroska-general] Problem regarding a HD video.

Christian Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Tue Oct 28 22:23:32 CET 2008

Most likely the problem is that your CPU of the computer is not strong
enough to decode the 1080p h.264 encoded video in real time. Your grafic
card has no relevance to this, decoding is done solely by your CPU.

matroska project admin

2008/10/28 Daniel Oliveira Ferraz de Melo <dan_ferraz at yahoo.com.br>

> Hi guys. Im having the following problem:
> Im trying to play this high definition (1080p) documentary in the matroska
> format, but at some specific parts, the video isnt playing smoothly, the
> image does not flow naturally. Moreover, sometimes the audio hangs a little.
> But the problem appears not to be in the parts of the video specifically,
> because if you take some time, and then play the problematic part again, it
> will play just fine. What seems to be this problem?
> - The video resolution is 1920 x 1080.
> - Im using both Media Player Classic and Windows Media Player together with
> K-Lite Full.
> - Im using a LCD screen 17" with the native resolution of 1280x1024.
> - My graphic card is a Geforce 8800 GTS.
> Thank you.
> Daniel.
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