[Matroska-general] reserving EBML ID

Michal.Puczynski at teleste.com Michal.Puczynski at teleste.com
Mon Jun 23 12:33:48 CEST 2008

I would like to reserve a few IDs for use in Matroska format.
I am developing video signing features and want to be sure
that in a future no other software will produce files using those
IDs in a different way.
What is the way to do it? What do I need to provide to Matroska
team to make it done? Is there any payment associated with that?
Michal Puczynski
Michal Puczynski
Teleste Video Networks Sp. z o.o.
e-mail : michal.puczynski at teleste.com
phone  : +48(71)3736029, +48(71)7947831 <callto://+48713736029/> 
mobile : +48 606823410 <callto://+48606823410/> 
skype  : callto://michal.puczynski <callto://michal.puczynski/> 
address: PL 54-622 Wroclaw
         ul. Parandowskiego 1

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