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Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Tue Jan 8 07:34:59 CET 2008

The only idea is to buy this unit :



Its currently to my knowledge the only DVD player which can play HD MKV files. Alternatively you could do what i did, and setup a HTP (Home-Theater PC) with a video card with HDMI or DVI output. Converting the file into a DVD will loose you quality, because DVD is not HD capable. Maybe you can connect your normal PC to your HD-TV ?


matroska project admin

Mr Eagle Jr schrieb:
> Dear Matroska,
> I have a HD mkv movie. Pretty big. I'm wondering how to burn it to 
> something so I could play it on my TV... I know I can't just burn it 
> on a dual layer dvd since my dvd player doesn't recognize 
> mkv. However, I don't want to convert the movie because I don't want 
> to lose quality from the HD. Do you have any ideas what to do?
> Thanks,
> Adam
> P.S.: Thanks for creating such a great video container! :)
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