[Matroska-general] Home theater systems with USB port

Mikuláš Krupička mousekrup at centrum.cz
Mon Dec 15 13:45:10 CET 2008


yes. Try this page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matroska#Hardware_support
Maybe you find something useful.


> From: amir.shachar at gmail.com
> To: matroska-general at lists.matroska.org
> Date: 15.12.2008 10:46
> Subject: [Matroska-general] Home theater systems with USB port
>I just bought a home theater system that has a USB port and is DIVX
>certified, like many other systems like that.
>All of these systems can play movies (in .avi and DIVX format) strait off
>the USB key drive.
>As most bluray and HD movies on files today seems to be encoded with H264
>and .mkv format, I wanted to ask if you know if there are any devices that
>will play that strait from a drive without being connected to a computer.
>Alternative, is there a plan to have anything that will play these things in
>the future?
>Many thanks,

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