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Andrey Stepanov eraser_stp at mail.ru
Fri Dec 5 21:10:37 CET 2008

Alessandro De Biaggio <lars_the_best <at> hotmail.it> writes:

> hi!i have some trouble about viewing the .mkv... files...i tried to play with
different players but it doesn't work like it has...normally i play video with
Zoomplayer or Mediaplayer Classic. sometimes audio is good but there are some
problems with video that's not fluently and sometimes get freeze...i don t know
what to do right now... the file is a Metallica's concert live in korea and it
has more than 6Gb... Scopri le top! Quali sono le più cliccate della settimana?
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These symptoms may be caused by different reasons.
1) You have an outdated set of codecs, filters are damaged or improperly
installed. Try removing all codecs and install CCCP codecs pack
2) The file is HD video, and require high performance from your system. If you
are experiencing similar problems with other files with HD video, the best
solution would be to upgrade your PC.
3) The file may be corrupted, for example as a result of incomplete downloading.

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