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also www.popcornhour.com www.networkedmediatank.com www.egreatworld.com www.hdx1080.com www.istarhd.com

wikipedia is not always kept as up to date as you'd like to think
  "Christian Wiesner" <chris at matroska.org> wrote in message news:21e2294b0806211138s90c3bft3ea53740707c8a79 at mail.gmail.com...

  As a matter of fact, there IS hardware support for matroska since quite some time. Check google for companies like COWON or go http://www.dvico.com/ . I had personally edited the wikipedia matroska entry in this respect, listing a number of hardware units whoch do exactly that. However, shortly after that SOMEBODY had removed these entries. 

  Honi soit, qui mal y pense ?

  I probably have to find the time to do this once more, and observe closely who will delete the information, and with what reasoning behind. It is possible that either the enemies of matroska, or companies competing those who do have MKV support already, are behind this,


  matroska project admin

  2008/5/19 <mertle at safe-mail.net>:

    That's all really.

    Oh wait:

    AS wikipedia says:

    ...still has no specific hardware decoder support despite 6 years of development, and cannot be played back on consumer electronics devices such as DVD players. Competing containers such as Divx, AVI and MP4 have produced widespread support among set-top PVRs, HDD-based media players, home and portable game consoles and portable media players in this timeframe.

    but WHO CARES! Hopefully the "consumer electronics devices" will dry up and go away.


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