[Matroska-general] bidirectional support for UTF8 hebrew subtitles in matroska on mplayer

Lior Galanti lior.galanti at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 18:25:03 CEST 2008

when playing a utf8 subtitle track stored in a matroska file, mplayer  
seems to behave exactly the opposite way from how its behaves when  
loading an identical stream (demuxed from the mkv with mkvextract)  
from an external srt file.

i understand this is due to the matroska demuxer being unaware of  

i compiled an example, available here : http://lior.galanti.googlepages.com/mkvbidi.zip

internal.png: mplayer -slang heb test.mkv
external.png: mplayer -utf8 -sub test.srt test.mkv

in the file, as far as i can tell, the top line is in correct order  
and the bottom is flipped.

"נשים על סף התמוטטות עצבים"
"םיבצע תוטטומתה ףס לע םישנ"

when i load the external file that is what i get (see external.png)
when i load the internal matroska track i get the opposite.

Can this be fixed?


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