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Ignacio Vigueras vigueras at seg-social.es
Fri Apr 4 09:24:03 CEST 2008

I am encoding all my music -mostly classic music- in mka files. Usually I
copy one CD on one FLAC file and then one or more FLAC files on one mka
file, deppending of the estructure of the works and how it comes in the CDs.
Tagging is fine and your examples helps but, after many attemps, I am not
able to tag the case of only one FLAC file -all tracks in the file- with two
or more works and there are not example for this case in your examples page.
This is a tipical case -all tracks in the same file-:
Track 1: Work 1 - Mov 1. 
Track 2: Work 1 - Mov 2.
Track 3: Work 1 - Mov 3.
Track 4: Work 1 - Mov 4.
Track 5: Work 2.
Track 6: Work 3 - Mov 1.
Track 7: Work 3 - Mov 2.
Please, could you explain a xml tag file for this case?.
Thank you very much.
Best regards.
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