[Matroska-general] Matroska 4th public birthday

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Tue May 1 17:41:36 CEST 2007

Hi All,

i actually had the same idea as Steve, to send an email about matroska's 
4th b-day to the list. As he has done this already now, i am planning to 
update our news entries in English and German tonight.

Haali is just telling me the Russian pages are completely outdated, he 
suggested to better kill them then leaving them as they are now. Maybe 
somebody on this list from Russia can motivate himself to at least add a 
hint to the Russian pages, suggesting to better brose the English pages 
for more actual information ?

Its exciting that the project has come such a long way, and IMO it also 
was to the benefit of matroska, the container, that there hasn't been so 
much updating lately, for stability reasons. If a project is under heavy 
development, compatibility is sometimes a problem. Still, i do hope 
there is some revitalization of the menues, and its good to hear that 
finally matroska tags are going to be used.

For the future i wish everybody who was ever involved in the project 
does feel as proud as i am, to have helped a little bit to make matroska 
develop to what it is today.

matroska project admin

Steve Lhomme schrieb:
> Hi everyone,
> Today is the 4th birthday of the first matroska public release !
> We've come a long way and achieved a lot during that time. We didn't 
> reach the initial goal of being used as a file format to edit files. 
> But we are used by many people to make their encodings in the best 
> possible quality and with all the features they want. Nobody can now 
> dismiss matroska and its users, even though we still don't have any 
> native hardware support.
> Although matroska may seem a bit dormant, we are all still working on 
> it. Either adding more codec support (Mosu, Haali), trying to enhance 
> it (discussions on DRM and enhanced EBML) or make it more audio 
> friendly (foobar2k). There's also the 1.0 version of Perian that will 
> be released soon that will add matroska support in QuickTime (OS X 
> only for now) and therefore iTunes. And the google Summer Of Code in 
> VLC and FFMPEG to add a muxer to each program.
> On the CoreCodec side (who I work for) CorePlayer has matroska support 
> on Windows CE, Palm OS and Symbian (to be released soon). The new 
> version will have a media library that will make use of matroska tags. 
> That can be browsed like iTunes on these devices. So now everyone 
> should tag their files extensively for better sorting and browsing.
> A big thanks to all the continued support from developpers and the 
> growing user base :)
> Steve

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