[Matroska-general] Problems with Matroska

elcio.botelho elcio.botelho at bol.com.br
Sun Jun 10 18:00:26 CEST 2007

Dear sirs,

Recently I downloaded a movie with .mkv extension and looked for information at internet. After some navigation, I downloaded the Matroska full-pack v1.1 from free-downloads.com and installed in my computer.
Well, I could see the .mkv movie I had downloaded but soon I realized that this instalation had made lots of changes in my computer:
1) Only selecting some .avi in the Windows Explorer, the program "locks" and I can´t do anything,
2) Sometimes, selecting some .avi files in Windows Explorer, the program closes itself without notices.
3) Trying to play some .avi movies I had in my computer in any player, the program closes without notices,
4) Trying to play some .avi movies I had in my computer in any player, the movie locks in the begin.

I tried items 3 and 4 using Winamp, Windows Media Player and BSPlayer, and the results are the same.
I tried to uninstall the Matroska, but realized that a lot of keys and registers remain when I restart the computer.
Please, I don´t know what else to do. I would like to uninstall definetely the Matroska of my computer and would like it to be working as it was before. Could somebody help me?

PS. I have in my computer the Vob_Sub 2.23 installed, and was working very well until I installed Matroska. It is not working too.

Elcio G. Botelho 
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