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Brown, SB Steven @ IS Steven.B.Brown at L-3Com.com
Fri Jul 27 13:22:40 CEST 2007

Would someone at matroska be able to answer some specific questions
regarding video stream servers, clients, and client performance.  I am
experiencing unsatisfactory client performance.  Currently my client
uses directshow filters to receive, decode, and render video received
from the streaming server.  The server is encoding the video h.263+. 
While testing using VLC, I can stream a file which in replay consumes
60% utilization of my processor...but when served as a stream, my VLC
client plays the video with no problems, 1-4% utilization.  Are there
solutions out there that have great client performance in a real time
environment without sacrificing latency?  Feel free to call me at the
number below.
Steven B. Brown
Senior Systems Engineer
L-3 Communications Integrated Systems
10001 Jack Finney Blvd. Greenville, Texas 75402
903-408-8745 (office)
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