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Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sun Jan 14 18:40:43 CET 2007


but it seems most Mac's are too weak (CPU wise) to play HD-TV AVC 
content in sync. Please note this is not the fault of matroska (the 
container) but of the used video compression method (AVC ; h.264), and 
the available decoders for it.

VLC and mplayer should be your best bet on MacOSX, if they fail on this 
file (with your CPU) i fear you dont have any better options. You may 
try the corecodec.com people if they offer a MacOSX version of their 
Coreplayer, using the very efficient CoreAVC decoder library for 
AVC/h.264 decoding.


matroska project admin

P.S. There is a link to a guide on matroska.org on how to convert such 
files to DVD, using the excellent program ConvertXtoDVD

valentin schrieb:
> my name is valentino from italy,and my problem is that i can not play 
> some high definition files on my macintosh,(powerbook g4 );i also 
> tryied vlc and mplayer for but also it does not work!someone give an 
> advice of using  your stuff,but i don;t know what t download and how 
> to install...can you give some help please.
> thank you in advance.
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