[Matroska-general] Re: Up-to-date Windows binaries of gstreamer ? Test Player with DShow sinks ? We would gladly host them for you, if you wish to ......

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Tue Jan 2 10:36:23 CET 2007


> I am offering to create a short landing page over New Year, hosted on 
> matroska.org (could be http://gstreamer.matroska.org ) or elsewhere, 
> simple HTML, explaining a bit the idea behind having a Windows port at 
> all, and pointing people to a link where they could obtain some first 
> trial binaries, just to play with.

The hosting is not at all the problem and has never been.

There is a lot of disagreement and confusion about what tools to use,
what dependencies to use, ...  VS6/7/8, mingw, cygwin, building
everything on windows or using something like GUB to build reproducable
packages... Use an existing set of dependencies (and if so, which set ?)
or roll our own for everything, ...

As such there is no clear idea over what it is we can put up on the site
that we will be able to support for longer than say six months.  We also
want to make sure that it is more than a one man project precisely
because if we put something on our site, we need to make sure we can
maintain it.  If one person makes some binaries today that does not
automatically mean we will be able to make the same kind of binaries six
months from now.

So offering hosting is not moving things forward.  The technical issues
need to be discussed and sorted out first, and someone needs to take
charge to do that.


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