[Matroska-general] urgent

Terence Wright yardieboy08 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 1 03:12:38 CET 2007

hi I have a question that I wish you could answer me in a timely manner.  I love the mkv format to play that format i needed the vlc player and it works beautifully.  So I thought maybe other formats would play great on the vlc player which they do but it caused the videos in avi,mpeg and etc. formats to change permanently into mkv format.  So I tried to change the mkv files back to avi by using numerous software like river past and many others.  Can you please tell me how to change mkv files to avi or another format that is easy to burn to dvd as soon as possible.  Or is there a software that can burn mkv files in to dvd. Thank yo so much

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