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Betreff: 	Seeking your expert opinion.
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Von: 	Anderson, Todd A <todd.a.anderson at intel.com>
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My name is Todd Anderson and I work at Intel Labs in a group that is

working largely on languages, runtimes, and libraries to make programming

easier for machines with many cores. Over the past couple months, I

have been working on an idea for a daemon that could control the execution

of recurrent tasks (like Windows task scheduler) and could automate

complex workflows. I often use virtualdubmod and part of the idea is that

this daemon would subsume the responsibility of virtualdubmod’s “job queue.”

You could express such things as “after you’ve finishing converting all 

in virtualdubmod, then convert these audio files with ffmpeg then work 
on these

subtitles then create a DVD.” The idea is that there is a daemon but also a

library that can be linked with each application and this library 

with the daemon to schedule a task and to say what that task’s dependencies

are. This would give a similar capability to the graphical production of 
a batch

file. I’m interested in speaking with you and getting your feedback on this



Todd A. Anderson, Ph.D.

Intel Labs

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