[Matroska-general] Need assistance please

SkillAce at aol.com SkillAce at aol.com
Wed Aug 1 22:47:13 CEST 2007

I realize you may be busy, however I really need help in this matter.

I could not find any answers on your website or definite answers with google 

I am having trouble playing a specific mkv file:

I have loaded all the latest codecs for all media playing, yet I still cannot 
get any video playback on the VLC player with this file.  I can get other Mkv 
files to play fine but not this.  When I attempt to play the file all I get 
is audio.  NO video! 
The file is pretty new.  Is there a special codec or encoding technique that 
was made recently that I now need??? 

I tried convert these mkv to ogm, but until I have a filter that lets me 
playback these mkv files.  My converter program won't let me convert.

I would appreciate any help in this matter. Please

Thank you for your help

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