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Christian HJ Wiesner chris at wiesneronline.net
Wed Aug 1 14:55:44 CEST 2007

Interesting ?

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Betreff: 	microPledge funding for VirtualDubMod
Datum: 	Wed, 1 Aug 2007 12:27:57 +1200
Von: 	Bryan Hoyt <bryan at micropledge.com>
An: 	belgabor at users.sourceforge.net, christianhjw at users.sourceforge.net, 
suiryc at users.sourceforge.net

Hi guys,

I was looking at your mod of Virtual Dub on SourceForge.net, and I
thought you could benefit from a collaborative web funding site we've just
released. We're called microPledge, and we're looking for useful and
interesting projects to fill our site before we start advertising to the
general public - within a week if we get enough projects on site.

You can find us at http://micropledge.com/ <http://micropledge.com/> and 
you can sign up at

We help people pledge small amounts (or large amounts!) of money to you and
others. For much open-source software, people are reluctant to give money,
because they're afraid nothing will come of it. microPledge, however, holds
their money in a trust until they see the developer's made real progress on
the software. They can't pull their money out unless the project fails, so
developers can be confident they will get the money.

This enables trust on both sides, and it means people are more ready to
support your software.

We provide a free service for open-source software. To put your project on
microPledge, visit http://micropledge.com/dream and enter your project
details. Make sure you select "Let only me quote" (unless you want to
open up the project for quotes from other develop ers).

If you're part of a development team, simply enter your project's name as
your username when you sign up, and choose somebody's email for the 
emails and PayPal funds to come to.

Some existing projects, perhaps like yours, may prefer our donations-only
scheme. This might work best if you're just bug-fixing and can't aim for any
feature milestone.  It is different from pledges, because the money goes
directly to you instead of being held in trust until you make progress
releases. I'm sure you have other sources of donations, but another might
help. To create a donations-only project, simply visit
http://micropledge.com/dream <http://micropledge.com/drea%0Am>, create a 
project and select the 'donations-only'

We're working towards partnering with SourceForge.net so that they will 
you to place microPledge links on your SourceForge.net project page, 
you with easier-to-find sources of revenue, without somebody taking a cut.

The more people who pledge to open-source software, the more pledging will
become a way to provide open-source developers wit h a stable source of 
You can help us, and help the Open Source movement, by letting others know
about us.

By all means, let us know how you find our service. We appreciate your time.

for the microPledge team.

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