[Matroska-general] DVD Santa

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Wed Oct 4 23:23:09 CEST 2006


please understand that all we are doing is to create software to pack 
video material into MKV format, and to play it on various platforms. We 
are happy if people use our software, and convert their videos into MKV, 
whatever kind this may be. What we can not hold responsible for, from 
our perspecitve, is what our users are doing with these files, and where 
and how other people do get them.

Let's assume for a second, that you got the MKV from a friend. When he 
made the MKV, he must have known there is no easy way of converting it 
into DVD, at least right now. So, what conclusion does that allow us ?
a. He doesnt like you, and was trying to give you a hard time
b. He doesn't care if you can make a DVD from it, or not
c. He doesn't like a DVD to be made from his movie
Did i forget anything ?

We understand there is a need for some people to convert MKVs into DVDs. 
We were trying to inform them about at least one possibility to do that, 
and we even took the time to write a Guide about that, using a 3rd party 
software of which we have no sort of control (its makers even refuse to 
talk to us ?).

Now, is it really fair to attack us about the encoding quality of 
another software ?


matroska project admin

roxanne schrieb:

>You are correct. I am telling you this because you are the creators of what
>is now blocking me from burning my files, no offense.
>roxanne schrieb:
>>DVD Santa's quality sucks! It is a waste of disc space.  We need a program
>>with excellent output on DVD, not crap.
>1. Great. Make one, and don't forget to implement matroska support into 
>it. We promise to write a Guide for it and to promote your software on 
>matroska.org .
>2. Why are you telling us ? We didn't make it ?
>3. We heard there is a program called WinAVI, allowing to convert MKV 
>into DVD, but we never tested it. Another alternative is Mediacoder from 
>http://mediacoder.sf.net, but its not easy to use and i have no idea 
>what their MPEG2 encoder quality is like (its FFMPEG).
>matroska project admin

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