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Interesting statement from the mouth of a very good developer, and BTW
the creator of the only 'official' DShow filter sets for all Xiph products.
Sorry to hear NUT is stalled ...


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(Sorry, this is a bit off-topic.)

I was reading some stuff and came across the NUT container data format.
(The NUT website is down... so I could not read up on it.  But perhaps
someone here knows about it.)

Like Ogg and Matroska, NUT also seem to be a Free multimedia container
data format.

But how does it compare to Ogg (and even Matroska)?  Why was it created
when Ogg (and Matroska) already exist?  (Does NUT have different design

Here's the links for it...

http://www.nut.hu/  (was down though)

See ya

     Charles Iliya Krempeaux, B.Sc.

     charles @ reptile.ca <http://reptile.ca>
     supercanadian @ gmail.com <http://gmail.com>

     developer weblog: http://ChangeLog.ca/

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