[Matroska-general] Re: Your software on our CD/DVD/Internetsite

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Fri May 5 21:24:36 CEST 2006

Dear PC-Welt people,

First, i am not interested if you need to send these requests for 'legal 
reasons', its annoying and causing me unnecessary work. It is clearly 
visible on the sourceforge project homepage that VdubMod is GPL. If you 
are too lazy to look this up, thats your problem. As you seem to know 
well about the GPL license and what its about, you should know that 
THERE IS NO LEGAL REASON to ask us about distributing it .... the terms 
are 100% clear, thats what the GPL license is about.

Second, VdubMod is certainly not free from third party rights, espcially 
not as a binary. There is a MPEG1/2 decoder built in, so whenever the 
binary is distributed, the MPEG-LA is requesting from the distributor to 
pay license fees. Sourceforge has that covered, your magazine certainly 
has not.

Third, the latest build is 

Fourth, VdubMod is more or less an abandoned project, there is no active 
work on it anymore. It works as it is, but less and less people intend 
to use VfW (VCM) codecs for their video compression needs, so it is 
bound to die anyhow one day.

Fifth, this will definitely be the last email you will receive from me. 
Yes, the program is GPL and we gave you allowance 4 times already to 
distribute it (if you dont fear the MPEG-LA coming after you, that is), 
and thats definitely enough.

Best regards

C. Wiesner
VirtualdubMod project admin

P.S. matroska support in VdubMod seems to be broken right now. For 
perfect matroska support, you need to include mkvmerge/mmg 
(http://mkvmerge.matroska.org) or avi-mux GUI 
(http://alexnoe.matroska.org) on your CDs

Michael Braun schrieb:

>Dear Madam or Sir,
>PC-WELT would like to put the free-/ shareware-/ test-version of
>Virtualdubmod 1.5.10
>on CD/DVD. It will be distributed with the next possible issue of PC-
>WELT and/or will be provided as Download from our own 
>Servers at http://www.pcwelt.de. If you agree and if the 
>software is free of any third party's rights please confirm 
>this by sending us a short e-mail to:
>mbraun at pcwelt.de

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