[Matroska-general] Im having problems with a matroska file

Mike Gover kaizen.starwind at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 4 01:06:23 CEST 2006

Hi Chris,

      I recently downloaded a bunch of television programs to my computer
and they had a file extension i did not recognise ( .mkv ). I looked it up
and it turned out i needed yet ANOTHER program for my pc, so i said "ok
fine" went to your site and instructions werent too clear, however i
endeavoured to download your program so i can play my videos. I went to the
download page on your site and it wasnt too clear which program i needed to
run my videos so i went into the first one "classic player". To put it
bluntly, the site i was forwarded to sucked, it barely had any instructions
how to download your program, I eventualy figured out that there were
further links to download the neccessary player and even when i HAD
downloaded the player, IT WOULDNT PLAY MY MOVIES!! So, I checked your site
again, (by the way the "guide" link is bust it doesnt work) and all i could
come up with was to email you.

         In short - "I dont know what a Matroska file is and how to use it -


 - Mike -
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