[Matroska-general] two questions about .mkv

Kyextriean k3_roc at yahoo.com.sg
Sat Feb 25 16:32:07 CET 2006

Hi there~

I'd like to apologize first for my two questions
below, if they're stupid, because I'm really not that
good at these-sorta-things, so, really sorry if the
answers to the Qns were explained in your site
already... ^_^;;

1) Are .mkv files a bit like Winzip, when it's a
'container' for audio/video files?

2) after dling an .mkv file (e.g. movie), do I just
play the movie like I would with a normal file (using
windows media player to open the file)?  

Thanks VERY MUCH... & all the best with Matroska's


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