[Matroska-general] Problems with Windows Media Center

Flip Lockhoof flip.lockhoof at SigmaTel.com
Thu Feb 16 17:35:25 CET 2006

Sorry as sure if this the right list.  Just been getting into video
editing/conversion, etc. so still a newbie.
This is very nice container and like the all-in one download package.
I am using it at work with no issues.  I put in on my home Machine which
is dual core Pentium running Windows Media Center.  I had the following
- recorded TV shows in the *.dvr-ms would not longer play inside Windows
Media Center.  i could also not get it to tune to a station
- had a few clips that were WMV that when played with BSPlayer got not
audio (did ok in Windows Media Player 10 or Windows Media Player
- wife has creative zen vision m player.  it has video converter and
would convert these files when she tried to transfer them.  the
conversion program would crash when i tried to load them
I un-installed the entire pack and it all worked again.  I had some of
them previously such as DivX/Xvid codecs, FFDShow, etc.
Any ideas:
- how to fix
- which components are causing the problems (i can go grab the ones that
work individually)
I really like the functionality that many of them provide such watching
H264 (iPod/PSP), AAC etc. directly in BSPlayer.
Flip Lockhoof
Product Marketing Manager
Portable SoC Group
(512) 381-3978
flip.lockhoof at sigmatel.com
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