[Matroska-general] what next ?

Cor Hellemons info at cor-hellemons.nl
Mon Aug 28 14:15:51 CEST 2006

 I downloaded a MKV file ( video ). No program can hadle this.  So I found your CCCP-package and with Nero Vision ( or Win. Media Player)  I was able to watch the movie, although stuttering frequently.  I run also the MKVextractGUI, but after about 10% this programm doesn't do anything anymore.. it just jams... and has forcebly to be stopped.  Doing so it locks the created output files.
What I really want is to get a Video DVD from this film (VOB's etc.), but Nero (7) can't handle it.  So, with this new 'format'... how to go about in order to achieve this ?  Other programs, like MKVextract, or MKVmerge or MKVE-wizard, don't do anything sensible...
C. Hellemons
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