[Matroska-general] Is there anyway to suppress 'Haali Media Splitter' error popup messages?

Pigeon fredit at charter.net
Thu Aug 10 19:13:37 CEST 2006

Oh yeah.. I am playing back movie trailers from apple's website  
(downloaded mov files that I renamed to .mp4)

On Aug 10, 2006, at 1:56 AM, Pigeon wrote:

> I have a custom program that utilizes WMP and  decrypts content  
> before each viewing.. and Haali Media Splitter popups with either  
> 'Error: can't open file: the media type of this file is not  
> recognized' or 'first element in file is not EBML' (error depends  
> on if I installed 'Cole2k.net' 's codec pack with Haali or CoreAVC  
> with Haali.
> After I click 'OK' button, my media plays back fine.. so all I need  
> to do is suppress these error messages and I will be fine.
> Any ideas?
> thanks
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