[Matroska-general] Re: Most recent email adress of Gabest ?

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sun Sep 11 18:39:46 CEST 2005

Hey Gabest, good to see you are alive :) ! Pls. if you find the time, 
join us on irc.corecodec.com/.org #matroska , there are a lot of news. 
Steve Lhomme is now working for DivX Networks and there is even hardware 
support for MKV files in the works now.

Thanks for the info about TMPG, we will investigate the problem now. Is 
it possible that TMPG requires a real splitter instead of a source 
filter, like Haali's filter ?


Gabest schrieb:

> That or gabest at gabest.org is my current address. But to answer your 
> original question I have no idea why one filter works with tmpgenc and 
> another don't. The only dvd conversion I have ever tried was with nero 
> and that went surprisingly well (from any kind of source with my 
> filters), except it couldn't resize the image the way I wanted but 
> that't another thing.
>> As all my attempts to find a software company cooperating with us on 
>> the MKV-to-DVD conversion have failed, we have to try to make Haali's 
>> splitter work with TMPGencoder and its DShow reader source filter. I 
>> thought it would be a good first step to ask Gabest what he did to 
>> make his splitter work with TMPG , but i fear the email adress i have
>> gabest AT freemail DOT hu
>> i hopelessly outdated ? Does anyone in the team or from the 
>> subscribed users have a more recent adress by chance ?
>> Christian

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