[Matroska-general] Matroska help

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Mon Oct 10 08:27:06 CEST 2005

Lupine Aura wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am hoping you can help me. I am not a computer newbie, but I am not 
> the expert most of you are! I downloaded a video Matroska file, and need 
> to open it. I downloaded the full pack from the Matroska website. I 
> didn't do anything else (I didn't know if I needed to). Now, when I try 
> to open the file in Windows Media Player, I get video but no sound. I 
> tried VLC Media Player, and the first time I got sound but no video, and 
> now it won't open at all. WinMPlayer and DivX player won't open the file 
> at all.

As a computer expert, you should know that if you install something, it 
should behave the same way. So you probably did something else in the 
To know what audio codec is used, try to load your file in MatroskaDiag 
and check the report (you can send it here).

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