[Matroska-general] MKA Question

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Tue Nov 29 21:38:47 CET 2005


you have to understand that matroska is a general use container, 
supporting many different audio compression formats. Without more 
information about your MKV file, we have no idea what is missing. If you 
have the matroska full pack installed, there is a tool called 
matroskadiag.exe coming with it. Use it to find out what type of audio 
streams are used in your MKV file, by sending us the text log from the 
file info tab (just paste it into an email text body).

matroska project admin

P.S. Requests like this normally belong to the matroska-users mailing list

eflannery at pbb.com schrieb:

> I have download your Matroska Pack V. 1.1.2 and have installed it. I
>download a *.mkv file and try to watch it. The video works on zoom player
>and windows media player 10, but the audio dose not work. I have download
>and installed AC3 audio codec along with Divx, Xvid, ffdshow and Ogg
>Vorbis. All forms of media are watchable, but the Matroska files. Can you
>please help me and tell me what I should download to be able to watch these
>files. Thank You.

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