[Matroska-general] file extension of Japanese andcontent negotiation

Yudai Ishikawa ishikawa at arielworks.com
Wed Mar 30 22:12:56 CEST 2005


> Damn, you're right ! Shame on me.
> You can do the change in SVN. Note that SVN is better than CVS for this. 
> You don't need to delete and add the file again. You just need to 
> "rename" it.
Ok. I'll use ".ja" when I make new files.

> This is done automatically by Apache. It works for other languages. It's 
> just that for japanese the extension was wrpong so far.
> > All we have to do is to add a line "Option +Multiviews" to .htaccess.
> > What do you think?
> It's already handled in httpd.conf, don't worry :)

Ah, It's true. I should have checked in other languages.

Thanks you.


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