[Matroska-general] ChristianHJW fighting with XHTML, was : [www] r959 - trunk/www.matroska.org/data/news]

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Sat Jun 11 21:28:38 CEST 2005

Christian HJ Wiesner a écrit :
> Ok,
> so when i said last time i give up, i was lying :-) . It should be 
> possible for a mid-30 to learn whats necessary to be able to write 
> working XHTML pages, at least so that his team mates dont take longer 
> time to edit the remaining errors than writing new pages ;).  When 
> thinking about it the other day, i had an idea how i could possibly use 
> this HTML editor, the one that was screwing the News page completely, in 
> a better way :
> Other than loading the complete site into it, i could only write the 
> text i want to add to the page, and copy and paste the XHTML code of it 
> into the code of the existing page. It seemed this worked somehow 
> better, at least for a new page i have made as a test ( German Version 
> of the news, for entries 2005 ) :
> http://www.matroska.org/news/index.html.de

Well, if you're not too scared, you may edit the pages in BeyondCompare 
(or any comparison software). This way you'll see what should be edited 
and what should not. OK, maybe adding content might be tricky if you 
don't know XHTML. But before commiting you could at least check that the 
changes/additions you made are OK this way (and even fix them).

> Dont worry, this is commited but not active yet, as all German News 

Nop, any .de person watching the news page will get yours. It's 
automatic in Apache.

> links will still point to the English version ... look at it like being 
> my playground. Ok, the result is much better than what i was doing last 
> time, the CSS style sheet and all is preserved it seems. However, for 
> some reason i can not edit the 'Latest News'  into German, when i am 
> trying to change this by pasting the new XHTML code into Dreamweaver for 
> saving the file, it will complain about incompatible code and not save 
> them. Of course i could have used Notepad for that, but i was afraid 
> that maybe Dreamweaver really detects a valid conflict. Comments welcome.

What do you want to do exactly ?

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