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Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sat Jun 11 19:29:48 CEST 2005

Hi Petteri,

here my answers, find them below in your text :

AfterDawn Support schrieb:

>> Feedback from chris at matroska.org, send at 5 June 2005 03:06
>> -----
>> Hi, on your container site 
>> http://www.afterdawn.com/glossary/terms/container.cfm
> > the opensource container format matroska is missing :
> > http://www.matroska.org
> Hi,
> Thanks for noting this. Also, I noticed that we're missing Matroska
> altogether from our glossary terms. Would you like to submit a short,
> not-too-much-hype, description?-)

We NEVER hype our glorious project :D !

"Description :

The matroska container is a general-use audio and video container, 
similar to AVI and MOV, providing support for a huge number of different 
video, audio and subtitles compression formats. Although it is not 
primarily ment to be used for media content distribution, it is already 
widely used for exactly this purpose because of its outstanding support 
for the various existing subtitle formats, such as SRT, SSA and USF text 
subtitles, or VobSub streams coming directly from the DVD. Especially 
the anime world will often prefer the use of matroska compared to known 
formats like MPEG, WMV and MP4 for this very reason. With the matroska 
team currently working on support for a DVD like Menue structure, this 
trend may even become stronger because this feature will allow users to 
compress a complete DVD, and with its full functionality, into a single 
file of much smaller size. "

> Anyway, how are things in Matroska world -- I haven't had personally
> time to play around with video encoding lately (and the little I've
> done lately has been with DVD to DVDR conversions), so I don't have
> good idea of how Matroska's popularity has been doing lately? Or
> is it that AVI -- despite its several problems -- has too strong
> "de facto" status?
> Best regards,
> -Petteri Pyyny
> http://AfterDawn.com/

We are doing VERY well ! The matroska pack from 
http://packs.matroska.org has more than 1 Million downloads meanwhile, 
the monthly traffic it generates could not be afforded by us if we 
hadn't a friendly server admin in Russia, hosting us for free. I think i 
am safe to say that MKV has clearly become the favourite release format 
for anime of all kinds, presumably because of its excellent soft 
subtitles support and the free tools to generate the files.

Now we get new interest from users interested in h.264 video compression 
in combination with AC3 audio from the DVD ( MP4 container  tools can 
not except AC3 ) and now for this codec the users first time ever have 
to face serious disadvantages from using good old AVI container, so they 
are more and more prepared to accept they have to use another container.

We believe that the matroska menue system, once we manage to get good 
playback support for it, will give another boost.

Thanks for your interest

matroska project admin

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