[Matroska-general] Support offer : add matroska ( .MKV ) format to list of supported input formats for DVD Santa

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Mon Jul 11 22:05:57 CEST 2005


i am Christian, one of the project administrators of the matroska 
project, an opensource container format aiming to replace old, outdated 
AVI container. The matroska project is very successful, we do have 1.6 
Million downloads of our DirectShow playback pack (about 4 TB) and our 
homepage has about 8 Million unique hits per year. We get many support 
requests from users who are downloading movies in our MKV container ( 
mainly anime ) from the internet and are therefore searching for an easy 
way to convert MKV files into DVD or S-VCD.

We are offering you free code ( in best case a DirectShow parser ) to 
create an input plugin for MKV files for DVD Santa, and are also 
prepared to make a dedicated MKV-to-DVD conversion Guide based on your 
program, should you decide to cooperate with us.

Best regards

matroska project admin

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