[Matroska-general] Re: [sales-e] Support Question : please add support for matroska audio/video container format, .MKV extension

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sun Jul 10 10:01:14 CEST 2005

Dear Sirs,

i am happy to tell you that our format is on a very good way to replace 
old, outdated AVI. Our matroska packs do show *more than 1.6 Million 
downloads* meanwhile, http://www.matroska.org is getting *8 Million 
unique hits* per year, and MKV is slowly getting adapted in many 
encoding apps and video editors. Your point is moot, as we were not 
asking you to include a matroska parser into TMPG, but only to add the 
EXTENSION ( .mkv ) in the list of supported/recognized video formats. 
TMPG could open MKV files just fine with out old DirectShow splitter, 
and we are investigating right now why it doesnt work anylonger with our 
current splitter filter.

As another possibility, is there a way to add MKV as a supported video 
format by changing a registry setting in TMPGencoder ? That way our 
DirectShow pack could check for the existence of TMPG on the users PC, 
and add .MKV to the list of supported formats. This is possible and done 
with WMP 10 by the way, and works great for us.

In return for your cooperation, we can offer to add a dedicated 
MKV-to-DVD Guide page on our homepage ( http://www.matroska.org ) and a 
long News entry concerning this. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

matroska project admin

Olivier GRAVES schrieb:

>Dear Sir,
>Thank you for your mail.
>We do not have any intention of including the MKV extension in your
>software. The reason is you are not a recognized entity, therefore the
>responsability in case of copyright or license infrigement cannot be
>clearly  established making the adoption or inclusion of your format in
>our software risky. In case you wish our software support such format
>you should consider to develop a VFAPI plug-in. The responsability will
>bear to the VFAPI maker only and it aslo open your format to other
>Yours Faithfully,

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