[Matroska-general] Re: Streaming mpeg4 video, ogg container

ChristianHJW christian at matroska.org
Sat Jul 9 20:46:38 CEST 2005

Stephen Birch schrieb:
> Has anyone streamed mp4 to xine yet?  Using a hardware encoder to
> generate raw MPEG4 data and would like to view the stream on a remote
> computer using xine.
> The plan is to use the ogg container.
> That would mean the stream would need to flow to the xine udp input then
> to the ogg demux and into the mpeg4 decoder.
> Does this make sense or should I use a different container?
> Steve

MPEG4 video in OGG container is nothing but a hack without real specs, 
called OGM, and without any support from Xiph. None of the existing OGG 
streaming servers ( Icecast ) support this. You should definitely use 
DARWIN and the MP4 container for that, or at least matroska in native 
MPEG4 video mode ( not VfW mode ), if you manage to create a streaming 
server for it ;) .....

matroska project admin

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