[Matroska-general] menues in MKV

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Fri Jan 28 21:04:06 CET 2005

Thanx for your interrest in Matroska :)

We are aware about that and will hopefully be able to convert DXN files 
to Matroska files too :)

The status of menu in Matroska is :
* specs complete
* muxing compliant files work
* we need playback (will be hard on DirectShow, but we're going to do it 
in VLC too)

So you just need to wait for a fine VLC version in the coming 
weeks/months. It will be this year for sure. And hopefully before DXN 
release their stuff...

Skaarj_ a écrit :
> DivX Labs has released another beta of their "Fusion" which is more of a 
> package than just a codec. The .divx file format, which is an "extended" 
> .avi, can contain subs and menus as well as video and multiple 
> audiotracks and should be playable on DivX certified standalones even 
> though the menus and subs might need a firmware upgrade.
> http://www.doom9.org/
> when we can see menues in Mkv?
> А когда мы меню в матрешке увидим? надо бы поторопиться.
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