[Matroska-general] A big thanks to all in the team, for what he have achieved in 2005 - and a happy and succesful 2006 to everybody here on the list !!!

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sat Dec 31 20:21:59 CET 2005

Hi All,

please allow me to thank the complete team for all the contributions and 
great support to the project. We certainly didn't achieve everything we 
had planned for this year, but there can be no doubt that the number of 
matroska users is growing every day , and this is certainly just the 
start of a tremendous success story nobody would have ever thought of at 
the beginning.

 The year had also some surprises for us, like our founder and main 
developer, Steve Lhomme, joining DivX Networks and starting to work on 
their DMF container tools. Another surprise, and a very nice one, was 
the incredible success of Picard's TCPMP player for portable devices. It 
soon became the most used media players on PalmOS and PPC, thus bringing 
matroska support to several million devices out there, and gaining a lot 
of attraction for the Corecodec community.

For next year, 2006, i take the chance to sketch a list of goals we 
should try to reach :

- going 1.0 with the specs, the Dshow parser and mkvtoolnix
- adding MKV input and output support to Dr. DivX OSS
- finishing MKV menue support to ANY player
- find a suitable cooperation partner for an easy (one-click-and-go) MKV 
to DVD conversion tool

Once again, thanks and i am looking forward to work with all of you next 
year to make matroska grow to the next level !!

matroska project admin

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