[Matroska-general] WTF happened to my AVi and MPG files

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Mon Dec 12 13:37:30 CET 2005

Ruben Escano schrieb:

> After downloading mediaplayer classic, Matroska Pack, Haali Media 
> Splitter, and Matroska Splitter I could watch mkv videos perfectly.  
> However, whenever I play AVI or MPG videos with either Windows Media 
> Player or Winamp all I see is green video.  I am extremely angered by 
> this problem and hope that your team can help me resolve it immediately
> -Ruben

First of all, watch your tone. We understand that you are 'angered' , 
but this is what you get from installing a shitload of different codec 
packs on your computer : incompatibility of the dozens of different 
codecs and filters can lead to this result. Carry your anger to 
Microsoft, who made DirectShow stupid and easy to break. Carry it also 
to companies like Ahead (Nero), who are installing many different 
DirectShow filters on the users computer with a simple burning app like 
Nero, and without informing the user at all, or giving him the choice to 
decide against that.

Now, to solve your problem :

Google for a tool from Microsoft called 'graphedit.exe' . Start the exe 
file (needs no installation) and do a 'file' 'render media file' on an 
AVI and on a MPEG giving you the problems. Send us the screenshots, as 
JPEG or PNG, of the graphs you are going to see. We can then have a look 
and try to see where the problem is coming from. Very likely, its a 
badly coded DirectShow filter on your PC which is jumping in while it 
shouldn't, and breaking everything.

Note that our packs are having more than 2 Mio downloads, and we never 
ever had such a problem reported to us.

matroska project admin

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