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Thu Dec 8 05:22:49 CET 2005

The Makrtoska container is unquestionably the best when ripping dual audio DVD's with subtitles, which becoming increasingly easy to do, but once the data is in the Maktroska container, how does one go about getting it onto a DVD? I have read the section on DVD Santa, and I can do subtitles, but I cannot seem to get more than one audio track (VERY troubling). What is the recommended way to take a file in a Maktroska container, and from it burn a dual audio DVD with multiple subtitles?
I want to know because I want to burn a DVD I can use with a friends DVD player, and the original DVD I ripped from is too scratched to play. My friend's computer is too old and slow to playback the file withoutout having the video get jumpy, otherwise I wouldn't bother trying to convert back to DVD.
Thank you very much for all your time and effort in helping us resolve this issue.
- J. Chris Campbell
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