[Matroska-general] Re: [Matroska-users] New Version of MatroskaProp and Google Desktop Search Plugin for Matroska files

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sun Apr 3 11:19:41 CEST 2005


I have tested the new matroskaprop and it immediately fixed a severe bug 
for handling wavpack hybrid MKA files on my machine. 2.7 had a mem leak 
that would make explorer eat about 20 MB memory per second, so unless 
you have a HUGE RAM your machine would literally be unresponsive in less 
than one minute. new Version fixes this bug, and will even show the 
correct codec ID, file details and attachement for the questionable file.

Great job !! Another big and important step towards a new pack


jcsston at jory.info schrieb:

> Hi everyone,
> I've released a new version of MatroskaProp, (long overdue), with 
> various bug fixes.
> You can get it here,
> http://www.jory.info/mambo45/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=35&func=fileinfo&filecatid=27&parent=folder 
> I also released a beta version of a Google Desktop Search plug-in for 
> Matroska files. It will allow you to index all your .mkv, .mka files 
> and search them almost instantly with the GDS engine.
> You can get it here,
> http://www.jory.info/mambo45/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=35&func=fileinfo&filecatid=28&parent=folder 
> If you don't have Google Desktop Search, you can get it at 
> http://desktop.google.com/
> Jory 

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