[Matroska-general] seeking in .mkv while recording with Dshow filter

bruno pairault bruno.pairault at noos.fr
Mon Sep 6 11:06:24 CEST 2004

.mkv seek when they are recording using VLC 7.2 but not when they are read
with MP9.


MP9 use DirectX  while VLC should not.


I try to read the file using DirectX, GraphEdit


Reader is :

Matroska Source + DivX decoder + Renderer


Writer is

Camera USB + DivX codec + matroska muxer + file writer.



It does not play with DirectX. I think now that the problem come with de
Matroska Source filter which could not open a file not "close".


Can someone correct that ?

How can I overcome this.


Many thanks best regards

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